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8:44Inside Goodison: Everton 2-2 Liverpool
Inside Goodison: Everton 2-2 Liverpoolvisningar 169tn13 dagar sedan
4:04:49ePremier League finals night: TEKKZ defends his title
3:23Jürgen Klopp's reaction: Salzburg 2-2 Liverpool
3:50Klopp on Liverpool's pre-season games in Austria
2:50Best of: Fabinho 2019/20 | Premier League Champion
3:06Best of: Mo Salah 2019/20 | Premier League Champion
2:01CHAMPIONS! Liverpool's Premier League trophy lift
0:50Premier League trophy engraving | '19-20 LIVERPOOL'
32:08Jürgen Klopp's pre-match press conference | Chelsea


  • Manéé is always the solution

  • firmino enable to find the target Jota should replace him at the striker position

  • Sorry but this isn't the greatest comeback in UCL history.

  • Orang indonesia bang

  • it feels so damn good

  • 1:09 Robbo 😂😂😂😂

  • Fabinho injury..

  • I bloody love Jurgen!

  • in pes 2021 all the Liverpool players are higher than the FIFA 20 and FIFA 21

  • Jordan henderson is one of a captain👍👍👍👍

  • youtube algorithm put this in our recommended as soon as he got injured .GWS

  • i think a 4-2-3-1 formation with salah or mane rested having jota and maybe shaqiri playing

  • YNWA

  • Mo Salah On TOP.

  • Firmino misses so many gilt edged chances, its' unbelievable. Also, Salah should have buried that chance before he was fouled, why on earth does he keep delaying simple chances.

  • YNWA

  • repeat win primier league 2021🙏🏻

  • Please buat konten tentang keseharian pemain Liverpool atau challenge biar seru nontonnya , semoga di liat sama adminnya

  • that training kit look like they will put out a fire after their warm up ses

  • bring it on! liverpool vs man utd always the best match on earth!

  • This is football

  • Il Liverpool è un altra cosa!!!

  • Tod season: Aim for top 4 in Premier League, aim for CL quarter final. There isn't anything to win this season. Squad needs fresh blood for more competition

  • I miss seeing the inside shots of Anfield 😭

  • This pandemic time is a golden opportunity for the LFC social media team to capitalise the viewership of the masses and entice their attention to increase the LFC fanbase by unleashing the full force of their creativity which they're not doing . Better videos with effects and sound are expected fro LFC TV .

  • Is sturridge Jamaican?

  • Telat Mulu updatenya nih channel

  • Favorite salah

  • Randomly pops up in the recommendations 8 years later

  • 南野必勝!断じて勝つ、絶対勝てる、最も活躍出来る!

  • 日本jリーグ隆昌!必勝‼️‼️

  • 0:23 Baka - minamino

  • So good YNWA

  • Liverpool should also try grujic in champions League

  • From Vietnam - This is Anfield !

  • Allson is best

  • Such a cool facility.

  • blunder gak jelas temen adrian kipere ancen wedian

  • Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea


  • Announce Koulibaly on January!

  • sang interior mau futsal sama ustad yanuar temen deket terbawa suasana sama ganti ganti sepatu kaos kaki adidas sama bola new balance this is anfield new cafe my honey

  • Who's here after vvd injured his ACL? Edit:he just had a successful surgery and will be back soon

  • mommy kecemburuan juga kangen sama brooklyn wahyu adi ompong selalu jadi diri sendiri pantang menyerah

  • I think this Chanel need to replay every Goal clip. 😔

  • Good job to the team, keep winning.

  • INSTAGRAM BIG REDS VARIO MATIC YOULL NEVER WALK ALONE angker angker tumbal rituuual sukseees sama sama kangen kamu😭❤️ ngitung uang money changer yang jelas yank daripada rugi ntar kalau ambungan sama mommy kecemburuan kena' gigi wahyu adi bisa ompong

  • That penalty run up though.

  • Its ready. a step for the future... those training fields look gorgeous.

  • JAJSJAJDSJS Mane tenia de nombre "iPhone de Admin" JAJAJAJAJA algun dia sere admin

  • Moral of the lesson:NEVER , EVER , EVER in your wildest dreams, play Adrian

  • Good game by Shaqiri, he needs to be der in that lineup which gives us more attacking options!!

  • then what happend to melwood?

  • Taki is great

  • ຮັກແລະຈະເຊຍທີມນີ້ຕະຫຼອດໄປ

  • Diogoal Jota

  • ربنا يحفظك ويوفقك ياصلاح يابن بلدى مصر

  • This is anfield . anfield fans like here

  • SALA es un llorón... grito como nenita.

  • I feel the very reason why people hate liverpool is cuz of their glory hunters fan base

  • NDL

  • Thought Shaqiri had a really good game. Could provide the creativity needed in a 4-2-3-1 system brilliantly. Awesome

  • Alisson best goal kiper 👍

  • This is rhe alisson effect if we would've had adrian he wouldve conceded rhe first chance and this would've been a different game

  • only 4 minutes?

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    • Yea this is LFC highlights, what are you posting this nonsense for.. You've been reported

    • What’s this got to do with football lad , go away

  • Start a liverpool training club in South India Coimbatore

  • Why liverpool team not picking indian players

  • Un capo Klopp!!!!!!

  • best 😎

  • Shaq played magic in the match.

  • i think no fabinho against west ham on sunday no problem

  • shaqiri for the match against west ham on sunday

  • Kkk

  • If putting Shaq in the midfield, the attack particular in the right hand side would be enlightened.

  • I love this club,YNWA